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Help Heat/Repair my home!

2014-04-30 17:03:54 by doublemaximus

Hey there everyone! I’ve been hearing a lot about this “GoFundMe” page and I was recommended that I gave it a shot. If this is successful, my family and I will definitely be so so so happy to be able to heat our home for this coming winter. I will explain my situation to those who are unaware of my living situation:

My name is Ciara and my family and I need some of your help. We live in an old cinder block home that was built in the late 1800s and age is getting the best of it. However, our biggest concern for our home is our lack of a heat source. Sure, it’s getting warmer now, but we barely survived the last winter with temperatures dipping down below 10 degrees inside. We haven’t had heat for a few years now, but last winter was definitely the worst we have ever experienced.

We made due with layers of clothing and stacks of electric blankets, but the frigid air in our home took a toll on us. The cold crippled us from doing any ordinary household activity such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. It even halted my passion for art. I could not draw without my hand becoming stiff from the cold. My sister, my boyfriend, my grandmother, and our animals basically sheltered ourselves in blankets for five months straight.

So, I do not want to let that happen again. I want to try and raise money so we can buy insulation and dry wall in order for us to seal up the major holes that have been letting what warm air we have escape. I would like to be able to work on the house during the summer months in order to prepare for the next winter.

I appreciate you reading this and we could really use your help! Please spread the word and help keep us warm for future winters!

Thank you so much!❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Please visit this link to donate:


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2014-05-28 15:04:07

I really wish I could help, huuurr... ;~;

I don't have any money but I can cut off my arms and send them to you in order to warm you up.. ; ;


2014-05-08 23:27:11

Thanks for letting an old Luddite like me use PayPal... have you read Tom's latest news?

doublemaximus responds:

You're welcome and thank you again so much for donating....
and omg yes! I can't believe all of the shout outs Tom is giving me. It is truly an honor and I've already cried of happiness several times because of it!