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Entry #9

NSFW Commissions?!

1 month ago by doublemaximus
Updated 1 month ago

DO I dare? DO I try? I must!

Always willing to try something new. Would you like me to draw you a NSFW picture? Let me know!

Sketch= $15
Line art= $25
Flat color=$30
Shading= $40
Shading+Simple background= $50

I accept PayPal through my DONATE button on the top left corner of my art tumblr:

(I'd prefer to draw tasteful nudity/sex and nothing too explicit. Please don't ask for furry/sonic/anthropomorphic stuff...I don't think I have the strength.)

I look forward to drawing for you!



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3 days ago

Whoa, missed this post! Hey, any luck finding a (cost-effective) publisher yet?


7 days ago

Regarding your last piece about October as a color, did you know that some languages have just one word for red, orange, and yellow? Just thought it would be interesting to share.

7 days ago doublemaximus responds:

Hey that is pretty interesting! Haha, maybe it is called October!

Sounds like you'll enjoy drawing some sexy characters soon! By the way, are your commissions always open or only at certain times?

3 weeks ago doublemaximus responds:

They pretty much always are open. I'm always ready to draw for people! Thanks for asking <3