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Focusing on my comic!

2017-01-02 10:04:50 by doublemaximus

   The new year is here. Can you believe that? That being said, my art might be a bit lacking here on Newgrounds for a while.

The reason comic Gwendy & Ghost. I REALLY want to put as much work into it as I possibly can. I haven't lately because I've been feeling like I've been needing to fill an "art quota" like I feel like I need to produce 1-2  art pieces a day to feel progressive....but I am realizing that I've been feeling a lot of progress and motivation while working on Gwendy  & Ghost.

Gwendy & Ghost has been a story that I have been writing  on and off since 2010, and now, thanks to how amazing my supporters have been, I am finally able to start working on the comic, which takes A  LOT of time & effort. Constantly juggling my comic, individual  illustrations, NSFW art, and commissions, and even my newfound modeling  hobby has almost caused me to burn out. I want to stop overwhelming  myself with art work before I really ruin my motivation.

My comic is like my child. My pride and joy, and I have been feeling like I've neglected  it. I feel like I can accomplish so much more if I start focusing on my comic full time. I could even get a handful of chapters done in 1 year, and the thought of that excites me deeply.

For those who still want to stick around for a while and support me while I'm on this comic journey, I am  forever in debt to you & I hope to make my story & my future artworks the best they can possibly be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all understand this change. It is only temporary, but for now I want to pour my heart and soul into my comic. 

Thank you all so much for  your ongoing support and I hope we can all have a fantastic 2017! 

If you would like to read and follow along with my comic, you can find it here:



Hi babes! I just wanted to let you know that things have been fantastic since my last update (which was getting settled in this new apartment a few years ago). But I'm so incredibly happier and healthier now! You wouldn't believe how much things have changed. I just want to say thank you so much to those who have supported me and have been fans of my work for so long. Y'all make my world keep turning!~

If you are interested in supporting me in anyway (while also getting cool rewards too) I would greatly appreciate it! <3

My Art Patreon, where you can have access to exclusive art, sketches, PNGS/PSDs, comic WIPs, and uncensored NSFW art.

My Modeling Patreon, where I post exclusive cute/sexy photos/video clips for art and fun <3

My E-Junkie, where you can purchase some of my sexy photosets without becoming a patron.

My Etsy, where I sell my signed original art prints and posters!

You can also follow me on Twitter @doublemaximus because I am quite active on there!

Take care of yourselves, and thank you!


(Bonus modeling pic of myself from my modeling Patreon <3)



I haven't updated in a while but i wanted to let you all know that I am finally moved into a new place! It's a quaint little apartment in town. I've lived here for 2 weeks so far and you wouldn't believe how much my life has changed for the better. It's been awesome! I've started live streaming art, making more tutorials, and can finally start focusing more on my art and my health! I even started doing some cute modeling on the side! Things have been great. It's nuts!! I'm so happy!

As always I still heavily rely on my art as my main income, so if you want to support me, please check out the following websites!

My Art Patreon

My Modeling Patreon

My Etsy




2016-05-10 17:21:20 by doublemaximus


You heard right! Finally after years of battling depression and living in this cold house, my fiance and I have finally been able to afford an apartment this summer!

To celebrate this, I’m having a 15% off EVERYTHING sale on my Etsy! Enter code MOVING16 at checkout!

My Etsy

I’m honestly in tears. It doesn’t even feel real. Thank you to all those who have stuck with me during these tough times I’ve had….I appreciate you all more than anything!

And just know that every sale helps me with moving expenses. Thank you!!!

-And if you REALLY want to support me  & help me keep creating art, maybe consider becoming a patron on my Patreon? It would mean so much to me and you get lots of art rewards too!-

My Patreon

Sadly I can't go once again...but that's because I'm focusing on moving out this summer! I'm saving up all I can and it looks like this summer I will finally be getting an apartment!  Thanks to incredible support from Twitter and Patreon! I've been focusing a lot of my time on my new comic series too! I'm very grateful for that!

If anyone would like to support me on Patreon I would be very thankful for your support! You would be helping me continue doing what I do :'3

(Ps ooooh oh! Pledge only $3 and you can see all of my uncensored NSFW art! *wink wink*)





So many goodies!!

2016-03-06 11:11:34 by doublemaximus

So I've started offering signed art prints as rewards for my patrons on my Patreon. It's very exciting to see my digital art as professional looking prints! And I've only been able to start making and selling these prints because of all of the wonderful support I've been getting from my patrons, fans, and followers. It means the world to me!

If you decide to become one of my patrons, you automaticaly earn a soft spot in my heart! <3

If you buy any of my art from my Etsy you make me cry from happiness <3

If you just click to look at my drawings on NG  I'm spinning around with joy <3

Just know that any amount of love from you all has given me the motivation to power through these tough times I'm always going through. Living with abuse and in a home without heat can wear anyone down but you all have kept me going!

But quickly I want to go over some of my Patron awards if you decide to become one ^3^

  • Pledge $1.00 or more per month :You will have access to weekly sketches/doodles
  • Pledge $5.00 or more per month :You will have access to weekly sketches/doodles and access to high resolution .PNG files
  • Pledge $10.00 or more per month: You will have access to weekly sketches/doodles, access to high resolution .PNG files, and access to my .PSDs
  • Pledge $20.00 or more per month: You get everything above and can see UNCENSORED artworks of mine ;D
  • Pledge $30.00 or more per month: This reward gets you everything above, PLUS You will receive a monthly chosen(by me) 8x10 , 8x12 art print signed by me!
  • Pledge $50.00 or more per month: Custom art from me! For $50 patrons you can have me draw you anything you'd like (if it doesn't violate my commission guidelines that is) and receive everything above as well.
  • Pledge $80.00 or more per month :Custom art from me AND METALLIC ART PRINTS!!  For $80 patrons you can have me draw you anything you'd like (if it doesn't violate my commission guidelines that is) and receive everything above as well. You will receive a monthly chosen(by me) 8x10, 8x12, or 11x17 METALLIC  art print signed by me! You know how crazy colorful my art is. Now just imagine it printed with metallic ink?! :O

And of course you can always find my art on my Etsy and I will be selling art prints there too, but they will be limited.

Thank you all sooooo much and I hope that I can't wait to keep making more art for you all to enjoy <3



Patreon Goodies!

2016-02-27 22:35:21 by doublemaximus

Hey y’all lovely people!!!

I’ve created another reward option for those who would like to support me on Patreon! It’s for my $30+ pledgers <3

Starting March, for those of you who decide to support me with said pledged amounts you will receive one randomly selected (by me) signed 8x10 art print from me every month! My art shall arrive at your mailbox once every month. That’s so exciting!

Also I thank everyone who has supported me so far, from Newgrounds,on Patreon, on Tumblr, on Twitter…I just love you all and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today with out all of you <3

My prints are here and they are so shiny and even more colorful than I imagined! “Starbow” will be my first art print I’ll send out for my $30+ patrons of February. There will be plenty more prints to come!


Patreon Updates!

2016-01-24 17:17:03 by doublemaximus


Hey Newgrounds!

Hey there! I’ve finally put more time into making my Patreon page nice and pretty (since it was kind of dull before) and I’m really liking it! If you’re ever interested in checking it out or would ever like to become a patron of mine, feel free to go ahead! You might be bombarded with cuteness, creepiness (and the occasional booby and booty to some patrons).


Every pledge counts! It helps me make a living doing what I love…THE ARTS (and also being able to afford food hehehe)



Thank you for the continuous support!!!

So many thanks!

2015-12-28 19:39:56 by doublemaximus

Feeling very grateful at the moment...

Heck I'm always super thankful for all of my fans, friends, and people who support my art and myself.'s overwhelming at how much gratitude I have for you all. I wake up, draw a pic, work on a commission or two, and always recieve such wonderful comments and critisicm on my art it's fantastic! You really know how to make this lady smile, especially when I need it most.

The new year is coming and I want to do so much more with my art than ever before. I'm learning how to make prints and sell more goodies online for everyone and I hope you get the chance to check them all out sometime!

My Etsy - I sell lots of small video game/cartoon paintings and other goodies on there too!

My Patreon- Here I have wonderful people dedicated to help keep my art life up and running 24/7 (It's the only place to see my uncensored art as well HEHE)

My Redbubble- Oh gosh, you can get my art on shirts, pillows, cups, prints, you name it!

My Personal Tumblr- Here is where I post just a bunch of random doo-dads here and there. Lots of selfies, Nintendo stuff, anime, cute things, creepy things....but it's also where my PayPal can be found for donations and commissions. On the top left corner you'll see a DONATE button. It links directly to my PayPal. It's how my darling commissioners pay me for some rad art. ^^

Expect to see more art from me in 2016, y'all! Have a great New Year Everyone!

Keep being awesome,




New Laptop, New future!

2015-11-17 16:48:15 by doublemaximus


I can finally post something good for once! I was given a new laptop by an amazing person that goes by "The Office Troll" haha but thanks to him I have a brand new, fresh experience with art since this laptop can run more things that my other one couldn' Adobe Flash! No promises on animations just yet but it will be something I'll like to work on one day. I'll be collabing with the office troll with doing some card came designs and I'll keep everyone updated on that soon too!

AND YES! I was able to get all of my files back from my previous laptop, which indeed did have a malfunctioned motherboard/graphics card. I am super thankful all is well.

Sure, I'm still in this heatless house with a terrible uncle, but thankfully he's been leaving often and the winter hasn't gotten too cold just yet! Here's hoping for some more good luck soon! <3

Thank you all for following me and supporting me and my art. It means so much to me!