NSFW Commissions?!

2014-08-30 09:43:16 by doublemaximus

DO I dare? DO I try? I must!

Always willing to try something new. Would you like me to draw you a NSFW picture? Let me know!

Sketch= $15
Line art= $25
Flat color=$30
Shading= $40
Shading+Simple background= $50

I accept PayPal through my DONATE button on the top left corner of my art tumblr:


(I'd prefer to draw tasteful nudity/sex and nothing too explicit. Please don't ask for furry/sonic/anthropomorphic stuff...I don't think I have the strength.)

I look forward to drawing for you!



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2014-08-30 19:17:39

Sounds like you'll enjoy drawing some sexy characters soon! By the way, are your commissions always open or only at certain times?

doublemaximus responds:

They pretty much always are open. I'm always ready to draw for people! Thanks for asking <3


2014-09-16 06:42:13

Regarding your last piece about October as a color, did you know that some languages have just one word for red, orange, and yellow? Just thought it would be interesting to share.

doublemaximus responds:

Hey that is pretty interesting! Haha, maybe it is called October!


2014-09-19 20:56:32

Whoa, missed this post! Hey, any luck finding a (cost-effective) publisher yet?